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Our intelligence, although it has developed over a millenary evolution, still remains today, for a large part of humanity, at the service of the primitive mechanisms of the 3 P's: Fear, Pleasure, Power.
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Our intelligence, although it developed over a millenary evolution, it still remains today, for a large part of humanity, at the service of mprimitive eccanisms of the 3 Ps:




Generally, the human being considers others and the environment only to the extent that they can be a help or a danger to our survival (physical or psychological). This mechanism separates one from the other and generates a kind of "Basic selfishness" which, while it was necessary in the evolutionary process to allow the individual to build the important tool of the ego, currently creates endless difficulties and sufferings.

1) Fear

There fear it is a basic mechanism that is not just about the physical survival, but that too psychological (fear of not being loved, of losing your job, children, partner, fear of the future, of failure, of loneliness, of the unknown, etc.), or anything that threatens what we identify with, our ego, which we have built on the basis of memories.

Fear is the typical element of the state of separation in which most human beings find themselves. "The other" always constitutes, a priori, a potential enemy.

2) Pleasure

The other mechanism is the pleasure personal, which however satisfies the human being for brief moments and in the end leaves him empty as before if not more. The worst thing is that the pursuit of pleasure at this primitive level deprives us of the experience of true pleasure, the one that fills the heart deeply: the ability to fully enjoy life is part of our true being, but it is not accessible when ours life mainly revolves around the mechanisms ofEGO.

3) Power

The defense of the territory, on the other hand, evolved from the search for candies: domination, manipulation, competition, pursuit of profit at any cost, etc.

These are the consequences:

- the fear generates stress, anxiety, aggression, a closed attitude towards others, hatred, anger, fanaticism, violence and a whole series of negative emotions that we know very well.

- the selfish pursuit of pleasure it generates a predatory attitude, through which we try to feed ourselves energetically at the expense of others. When we cannot possess others as a source of nourishment, then a whole series of negative emotions emerge within relationships: jealousy, resentment, aggression, indifference, envy…. and so, almost without realizing why, we flounder in the troubled waters of daily suffering.

- the selfish pursuit of candies generates pride, violence, vanity, malice, manipulation, etc.

We try to exercise power over others or we hate the power of others, but in one way or another we create a condition of separation, of division.

For theEGO current, the separation is a matter of survival: it has been like this for millennia. So let's not hold too much grudge towards our EGO and try to be understanding with ourselves; we have millennia of old mechanisms to overcome, the lower circuit of consciousness is still too active and ours perception of reality is blurred…. although it is good that we know that this state of separation is generative of so much suffering and negative emotions.

As long as one remains in the EGO, one is burdened with burdens linked to the past and the future and you do not live the experience of the present moment so praised by all spiritual traditions.

How to overcome this limit that makes us suffer so much? How to make a qualitative leap?

It is possible to overcome this painful process for find another "way to work", which depends on a completely different principle: that of unity.

Here are two examples of viable ways and in synergy with each other to free ourselves from the suffering caused by the ego:

the way of positive thinking
Physics teaches us the law of "action = reaction". It simply means that if, for example, I apply a pressure of 10 kg. against a wall, the wall also exerts the same pressure of 10 kg. on me. Since everything is vibration / energy, a thought is also vibration / energy. The more powerful our way of thinking (action), the greater the possibility that our thoughts will be realized (reaction). Joy and enthusiasm are, for example, thoughts full of energy that produce, in rebound, corresponding positive results. On the contrary, in the attitude of criticism towards a person (here we mean that moved by the mechanisms of fear, pleasure, power of our ego and not of the "constructive" criticism that comes from our soul, aimed at the good of the other), our thought comes back to us in the same quality; it is not said that we are criticized by the same person, but perhaps by other people or in any case we are struck by something negative that comes back from the environment and the climate of negative energy that we ourselves have somehow contributed to create.
the way of energetic experiences
As I have already mentioned, science tells us that most of our daily activities are governed by the mechanisms of the unconscious and processed very quickly (forty billion bits per second), while we are aware of only a very small percentage of our own. activity, with a much slower processing capacity (two thousand bits per second). That is why not mental but energetic approaches, such as, among other things, the Smile and Laughter Therapy, combined with some forms of meditation, visualization, breathing, theatrical techniques, music therapy, begin to acquire dignity, not only because they can now be scientifically confirmed, but also because their results, increasingly evident and well-known, have proved to be powerfully benefits.

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I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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