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There is good anxiety and bad anxiety.


– good anxiety is the one dictated by the desire to put one's talents to good use for full personal fulfilment; we are in the sphere of being;

– bad anxiety arises from the sense of lack of something, which triggers a feeling of envy; we are in the sphere of having.

The latter is the anxiety that predominates and gives the feeling that time is never enough, that it gets out of hand.

It is only the gift of self, which becomes love day after day, that makes time so full of meaning, that one no longer fears not having enough in its inexorable passing.

When we can look at the universe as a whole, where every part reflects the whole and where great beauty lies in diversity, we will begin to understand who we are and where we are going.

This awareness makes us more emotionally stable, it gives us that precious balance in dealing with the ups and downs of life.

A bit like in the Zen story I composed a few years ago for one of my cabaret shows. I propose it again in this Podcast entitled "How to take life's ups and downs wisely" which is part of the new series of 20 audios released these days. You can find it on my website:

Read also the online monthly Positive Revolution. In each issue we host prestigious brands. In the Editorial Board: the scientist Edoardo Boncinelli, the economist Enrico Giovannini and the physicist Roberto Cingolani.

If you haven't received it yet, write me:

A warm greeting,

Gianni Ferrario

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Gianni Ferrario
Gianni Ferrario

I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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