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Paolo Martinez

Coord. Innovation Week organized by Firenze Tecnologia
The testimonials of Gianni Ferrario

“Gianni Ferrario made us feel the effects of his passion in an international and multidisciplinary context, with exceptional results. A great professional! "
Paolo Martinez

"I think you were very brave to have someone like Gianni Ferrario making us laugh in such an institutional context. It worked perfectly. Congratulations. " English participant in the Innovation Week

“After the performance of Gianni Ferrario and the collective enjoyment the ideas from the other participants came on a red carpet. We were totally open and receptive. "
Austrian participant in the Innovation Week

“It was really an incredible experience. This is now a reference point and a benchmark for future conferences and seminars. Normally they are so boring! It seldom happens that one can one have fun and learn at the same time "… .. Greek participant in the Innovation Week

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