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“A few lines to summarize our satisfaction with your contribution to the success of our event: all the objectives we set ourselves have been achieved, indeed exceeded, given the success and participation of all those present. I believe that this result is a mix of his great talent and the attention we have placed in the preparation of the interventions: our "simple" goal of lightening the day and creating a positive and receptive spirit, in reality it was not at all obvious and on the contrary, it was complicated by the presence of foreign colleagues and the need to find a lingua franca that would reach everyone. The universal language of laughter combined with the excellent use of the English language in all interventions made it possible to achieve all this. Now I can also confess, in all sincerity, the amount of doubts I had about how it would go: I could hardly imagine managers, engineers, project managers, whom I have always known in serious and committed guises, letting go of your "Applications" . What a relief it was to see the disruptive effect of “Prof. John Ferrer ”at the beginning of the work, the freshness found in the evening, after a really dense and tiring day, with the group cantatas, and finally the charge of energy the following morning. And how much expectation and curiosity on the part of everyone, immediately after the first intervention: French, English, Germans, all asking me: “is he really a professor?”, “He comes back later, right?”. I really have to thank you for your preparation and for the professionalism with which you have addressed our requests which, combined with your sensitivity to the business context, have produced an unforgettable international event. "

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