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Giorgia Palazzo

Founder & Senior Strategic Consultant of GP Consulting Group
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“After having listened to, selected, observed speakers from all over the world for almost 30 years, I tend to listen to my instincts and use it to select content and speakers to propose in the projects I deal with. 

I thought of your speech as a moment of break during a purely institutional day; a way to awaken the emotional listening on the part of the audience with a "playful", engaging and innovative moment, not an end in itself but which leaves an important "take away" to those who listen to you. 

I was struck by the initial disorientation of the people present during your gag-presentation in fake English; you took them out of your comfort zone (“I don't understand, I'm ashamed to ask for a translator”) making them extremely more engaging and immediately revealed the mystery. The relief when you revealed the real content of the presentation as well as the transition to Italian made the audience lower all barriers, making the intervention even more effective and emotional. "

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