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Francesco Pellegrini

Francesco Pellegrini

Cardiologist, president of the Federation of Hospital Internists.
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“During the Congress of the Federation of Hospital Internists in the Marche Section, I was able to rejoice in a report that was particularly new in terms of contents and presentation methodology. It was the one held by Gianni Ferrario who presented to the participants, respectively more than 150 doctors and about 80 nurses, a particularly effective and engaging therapeutic approach: that of addressing problems, often very serious next to patients and in the environment of work, with a smile on my mouth but above all in my soul. The ability to engage and therefore to get the message across was nothing short of exceptional. For example, I saw primaries laugh with laughter as they mimicked the start of a day in the shower. And what about the severe head nurse who formed a joyful day, laughing and shaking hands with nurse collaborators to whom they are usually used to contacting with the command, not to mention the empire. But what was most surprising is that this intervention was able to change, not only temporarily, the people who witnessed the performance. It is not easy to live experiences such as those that Gianni brings to life in his performances and that, especially in the healthcare environment but also in all environments in which it is necessary to add humanity to professionalism, his interventions are certainly aimed at improving the climate in organizations and the ability to work in a team. "

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