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Testimonials Gianni Ferrario GP Consulting Group
"After having listened to, selected and observed speakers from all over the world for almost 30 years, I tend to listen to my instinct and use it to select content and speakers to propose in the projects I work on. 
Read everythingGiorgia Palazzo

Giorgia Palazzo

Founder & Senior Strategic Consultant of GP Consulting Group

“Tackling the theme of Team Building with the“ Comic therapy ”method was certainly effective, because it made it possible to spread new concepts and perspectives through emotional and metaphorical ways. The appreciation for the innovativeness, the expressive ability and the involvement of the method were then emphasized to me on several occasions by the participants. In short, a contribution that has left a positive sign of educating while having fun. "
Read everythingClaudio Baccarani

Claudio Baccarani

Lecturer in Business Economics, University of Verona

“I would like to thank you sincerely, also on behalf of the other teachers and collaborators of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, for your great performance here in Pisa. It is the first time that our Aula Magna has resounded with so much laughter! The experience that made us live, so unique in its kind and so captivating, has allowed us to shorten the distance between the teachers, students and administrative collaborators of our University, helping to create what is indispensable for the success of any initiative. Thank you again."

Read everythingAndrea de Guttry

Andrea de Guttry

Higher Education Division Director, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

“Gianni Ferrario made us feel the effects of his passion in an international and multidisciplinary context, with exceptional results. A great professional! "
Read everythingPaolo Martinez

Paolo Martinez

Coord. Innovation Week organized by Firenze Tecnologia

“A few lines to summarize our satisfaction with your contribution to the success of our event: all the objectives we set ourselves have been achieved, indeed exceeded, given the success and participation of all those present. I believe that this result is a mix of his great talent and the attention we have placed in the preparation of the interventions: our "simple" goal of lightening the day and creating a positive and receptive spirit, in reality it was not at all obvious and on the contrary, it was complicated by the presence of foreign colleagues and the need to find a lingua franca that would reach everyone. The universal language of laughter combined with the excellent use of the English language in all interventions made it possible to achieve all this.
Read everythingMassimo Barsotti

Massimo Barsotti

VP Marketing, EidosMedia, (world leader in information systems applied to publishing)

managed to fully hit the objectives of the evening and that is to combine the celebration of the event with a positive re-charge, fun and involvement that have certainly contributed to strengthening team spirit and improving the level of motivation. We appreciated your expressive skills as a communicator and sensitivity to the chosen themes, well suited to the occasion, as well as an interactive style that generates sympathy, memorability and a contribution of innovative techniques to "take home" as a personal asset. "
Read everythingRenato Colcerasa

Renato Colcerasa

Resp. FSP DMS, Siemens

"I think that the innovative methodologies it expresses have an important function in promoting a business climate favorable to communication and harmony between people, contributing to the spirit of the team, an indispensable element to face an increasingly complex and rapidly changing reality."
Read everythingRoberto de Cardona

Roberto de Cardona

General Manager, RaboBank

Francesco Pellegrini
“During the Congress of the Federation of Hospital Internists in the Marche Section, I was able to rejoice in a report that was particularly new in terms of contents and presentation methodology. It was the one held by Gianni Ferrario who presented to the participants, respectively more than 150 doctors and about 80 nurses, a particularly effective and engaging therapeutic approach:
Read everythingFrancesco Pellegrini

Francesco Pellegrini

Cardiologist, president of the Federation of Hospital Internists.

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