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Laugh and you will know more about yourself

From a psychological point of view, laughter, as Sigmund Freud says, is a mental sneeze capable of freeing the mind; the joke establishes a very useful outlet for releasing the energy we engage in keeping our fears and worries under control.
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What happens psychologically when we laugh?

From a psychological point of view, rice, as he says Sigmund Freud, is a mental sneeze capable of free your mind; the joke establishes a vent channel very useful to release energy that we engage in monitor our fears and our concerns. This release from tension and the resulting relaxation they cause pleasure.

After laughing or even after crying, it doesn't matter if from too much laughter or from suffering and psychic pain, we feel better..

The communicative and social value of laughing is also demonstrated by the organs and systems involved.

Indeed we laugh always open-mouthed, emitting air thanks to the action of exhalation.

While the cry consists of a series of inspirations continuously interrupted by sudden diaphragmatic contractions.

So the laugh is a kind of extroversion of libido, while the cry represents theintroversion.

We could postulate, in apsychoanalytic optics, that the laugh as a mechanism of pleasure and the tears following the excess of laughter, represent one repetition of the pleasure and suffering experienced in being born.

Laughing we are fine, and we face the numerous people with a positive spirit and with more brilliant results daily commitments; this is understandable if we think that, as I said above, Freud he says that "with laughter, energy is suddenly made available which, up to that moment, was used to control some intimate psychological conditions" ...

Think about what it means to have more energy?

It is obvious that we can give the best of ourselves in the various fields of life. Of all the examples available, let's take the one concerning thelearning and the memory. For it student very anxious, thehumor has anxiolytic properties and therefore significantly improves the results of the exams.

But the laugh it may have other applications in teaching and learning, whether they are employed in school, work, home or any other circumstance; research carried out in recent years shows that the use of humor optimizes learning, memory and creativity. It can be assumed that this result is due to at least two reasons. The first is that, if the learner is anxious, his attention is absorbed, distracted by the tension and is therefore not available to act as it should.

L'humor serves to:

  • release anxiety
  • awaken the student's attention, allowing efficient and satisfying work
  • stimulate curiosity about the concepts to be learned and then keep it constant
  • keep the material to be learned in the memory
  • improve the teacher-pupil relationship as it keeps listening alive e learning

Having relegated there comedy and humor between minor genres of art, with the excuse that we laugh above all at corporeality and therefore at lower instincts, it was ahighly shortsighted cultural operation.

It is thought: “Laughter is associated with the“ bass ”, with the body and therefore it is far from the sublime peaks of the spirit…”.  Yet if someone knows how to make people laugh, they say they are humorous...

The root of the word ... coincidentally ... is the same.

On a psychological level, the humor and the laughter that goes with it:

  • They put in one positive mental state
  • Improve theability to handle difficult situations, Why shortens the distances between people
  • Make it more extroverts
  • They improve theself esteem and decreases shyness
  • They develop the sense of humor…. if I allow myself the luxury of a few more laughs I open to other angles (Riccardo Bacchelli, who in terms of humor was a trained type, used to say: "The stupid always impress, if only for their number")
  • I'm a form of meditation because when you laugh you don't think about anything else: the laughing helps to stop the continuous flow of thoughts and makes you be present in the moment here I'm; and then it also helps to ask the big questions of life .... ("Men! You have in hand the future of the human species! " written by anonymous on a wall of a urinal Londoner)
  • I'm a pre-verbal, universal, primordial language: if I see an Eskimo laughing I don't ask myself the problem: “but what is he doing…”. It's a attitude  unequivocal, clear to all
  • They help to live and face an increasingly complex and difficult reality
  • They allow to find new ways out, new communication synapses

new solutions to old problems.


One more beatitude should be added to the Sermon on the Mount: "Blessed are those who will know how to laugh at themselves, because they will have a great time".

"Laugh, and you will know more about yourself" said the great Martial.

This trains us to viscerally recover what I would call the INTERNAL SMILE, that is, that attitude of positive thinking towards life. So a virtuous circle is triggered, a conditioned reflex: if I keep repeating to myself that I am unhappy… I will be unhappy !!!

Through laughter and good humor the virtuous circle described above, whereby laughter responds to laughter and therefore a positive attitude towards life: smile and the world will smile at you... it is Columbus's egg ... come to think of it! But then why is the world so full of "curmudgeons"?

Inizia ora! fai un bel sorriso adesso: 3, 2, 1… :D

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Gianni Ferrario
Gianni Ferrario

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