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Laughing is serious business

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Dear friends,

with all the troubles and tragedies we are going through, how do you want to laugh? It takes a lot of courage!

Yet give it neuroscience there are now very clear answers on the many benefits of humor and laughter. 

It is certainly not about laughing at misfortunes: it would be counterproductive and out of place. Sometimes, however, laughing can also be good in sadness, as a way to lighten a heavy situation. Humor and self-irony have the salutary function of shifting our point of view, of deflating a little our ego too focused on our misfortunes and therefore less able to find the clarity to see other ways out. There are "tricks" to laugh in this period ... Meanwhile in the media you will find an avalanche of gags of classic comedy, some of which are really hilarious (YuoTube is full).

But there is another way to laugh. And here the millennial experience of the various spiritual traditions comes to our aid. In the fourteenth century, the Islamic mystic Hafiz asked himself: “What are this love and this laughter that bloom precious in our hearts? They are the sound of a soul that awakens! " Going to study the theme of humor, self-irony and laughter in this field, it turns out that, not only yoga, but also other cultures and traditions take this theme into great consideration, because the danger is often that of feeling superior to others, to "put on the crest", losing sight of our basic humanity, our poverty of spirit.

And what does science say? In summary: the contagious laughter that comes from the heart is capable of setting in motion the neurotransmitters that strengthen the immune system and generate joy and well-being. 

Laughing is serious business is the title of a Webinar that I am proposing to the business world, but not only, and is aimed at small groups of participants (20 - 30) belonging to the same team or to different teams. There are 3 sessions of 1 hour each that take place online in sync and at a distance of 1 or 2 weeks from each other. It is an intense and engaging in-depth path, a sparkling distillation of techniques and teachings that derive from a long experience as FelicitAttore - Provocatore Positivo. 

January 21 was celebrated the world hug day. Well, in this period of closures and very limited social life we have never been so aware of how important hugs are. I am not talking about those excessive kisses and hugs that used to be done before the pandemic, more out of habit than out of true emotional transport ... .. I speak instead of those hugs made of authentic momentum, sincere and full of joy in greeting a very dear person we meet on the street after a long time that we didn't see each other….

In light of the medical-scientific research, it seems interesting to me to list here some benefits generated give it Hugs:

- They reduce anxiety and stress as they release serotonin, known as the hormone of good mood, and dopamine; both have a sedative effect and generate a feeling of well-being and calm. 

- The release of dopamine also stimulates the brain in terms of greater creativity, memory capacity and better attention. 

- Promote a good mood thanks to oxytocin, the love hormone, and thanks to endorphins, which give intense happiness

- They strengthen bonds especially in a couple, where body language is important for a peaceful relationship.

- They boost self-esteem thanks to their ability to transmit security and to encourage the sharing of positive energies.

In this period we experience hugs almost only in films, remaining a bit weird at the sight of the actors hugging without masks, and what we can do is experience that feeling through the images that flow, and get excited!

Now put two powerful factors together like the laugh And the hug and you will have the Ris-Hug…. Think how many benefits combined in a single gesture. This is "augmented reality" ... !!!

The time will come when we will be able to let loose (literally remove the chains….) With friends and relatives… .. But in the meantime let's keep training with relatives and cohabitants… and the immune system, with the help of the “mirror neurons”, thanks !!! And also the will to live and react! Are you curious? Do you want to fill up with Ris-Hugs? Here you are served! Check out this short clip

(Images taken from the Energy of Good Mood Video Course conducted by Gianni Ferrario, available on :

Read also the online monthly Positive Revolution. In every issue we host prestigious signatures. On the Editorial Board: the scientist Edoardo Boncinelli, the economist Enrico Giovannini and the physicist Roberto Cingolani. To receive the free scirvetemi magazine:

This is the link to read the latest issue which is entitled, juxtaposed ..., Laughing is a serious matter: NUMBER 27. Jan 2021. Laughing is a serious matter by Positive Revolution - Issuu

A warm greeting,

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Gianni Ferrario

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