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Think thoroughly about the positive consequences of cultivating a good mood and partying - first of all inside yourself

We must go to the dawn of humanity to discover the origins of the authentic celebration, the one that gives meaning to our joy of living. Laughter that reminds us of the holidays, the joyful side of our existence, the kind of laughter that is good for both body and mind and strengthens social capital, or the set of positive interpersonal relationships that increase trust and mutual support.
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Healthy laughter often goes hand in hand with good humor and is a symptom of it. We laugh more with friends, family and work colleagues with whom we get on well, where the kind of humor that is based on laughing with someone prevails, where laughter of joy often resounds, which arise from the pleasure of being together in joy, the laughter that reminds us of the holidays, the joyful side of our existence, the kind of laughter that is good for both body and mind and they strengthen the social capital, that is the set of positive interpersonal relationships that increase trust and mutual support. Many experience a certain state of emotional loneliness and have no family or friends to laugh with as they age many people laugh mainly at stimuli that come to them from people who are paid to produce laughter: comedians, directors, actors, advertisers, show hosts.

Sometimes sporting events catalyze the need for a popular celebration. But while in the real party all the participants win (and are re-created), in the sports party there is generally someone who loses, whose expectations are frustrated in a, all in all, violent way.  It is the male party, the institutionalized competition, while the authentic party and the comedy that always characterizes it, are female, fertile, metamorphic and life-creating. 

But let's find out the origins of the authentic festival, the one that gives meaning to our joie de vivre. To find out we have to go to the origins of man ... ..

1) We must go to the dawn of humanity

At the dawn of humanity, individuals they feel part of the whole, everything is part of the incessant natural cycle, made up of death and regeneration. All beings and all things are indiscriminately part of the same, unique life. Then society begins to organize itself, social distinctions are born and the profound primordial unity is broken.

Rice was born and developed as an attempt to recompose the shattered unity and this attempt is expressed in the celebration in which human beings want to relive the ancient unity. Laughter unites everything and everyone, dissolves every dogma, every rule, every hypocrisy. In the party everyone is both actors and spectators at the same time and, finding the ancient lost unity, no one laughs more than the others. We laugh at ourselves, embraced again in the inseparable everything.

This song is a cheerful and profound portrait of primeval humanity:

2) Also add an ancient alchemical papyrus

A power, that of laughter, regenerating and unifying described poetically in a alchemical papyrus from the 2nd century AD, preserved in Leiden: ".... As soon as God smiled, seven gods were born who ruled the world: as soon as he burst out laughing the light was born .... He burst out laughing a second time and water appeared ... On the seventh day he laughed the soul appeared ..."

It is laughter as an outward manifestation of a profound inner joy .... that of the creative act, the joy of creating, primordial energy.

Laughter, having lost its primordial joyful form over time, tends to express itself as mocking laughter. Thus, if joyful laughter is a social lubricant that brings together, unites, re-establishes society, laughter of mockery  (satirical) is a social abrasive, an act of collective correction.

3) A great Renaissance scholar also enlightens us

For Francois Rabelais, a great thinker of the Renaissance, a profound scholar and connoisseur of medieval comedy, laughter is a liberation from the emotional states that obscure the knowledge of life. Laughter testifies to a clear inner vision and makes a gift of it. The sense of the comic and reason are two attributes of human nature. The truth, smiling, is revealed to man when he is in a state of carefree happiness, in which he is able to grasp the comic sense of events. It is a rice that "seeks" and "gives hope". For Rabelais laughter must free the joyful truth about the world, a prisoner of falsehood, of fear, which in turn generates seriousness and violence, which in turn generate suffering.

4) And today where do we find the authentic party?

Many signs indicate that the healing laugh, that of heart, the one that comes directly from the soul, today seems to resurface in the collective desire of our Western civilization, a prisoner of its frantic search to maintain its material well-being, which leads to selfishness, distrust, loneliness, sterility, both in the strict sense (decline in births, development of neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses), and in a figurative sense (lack of joy and laughter in everyday life). All of this has little to do with satisfaction and happiness.  Let's think instead of that strange underlying serenity of non-rich peoples, who love to smile often, have a relationship of natural mutual physicality and are endowed with the pleasure of taking life as it comes and laughing at it with simplicity.

“Wealthy” peoples need laughter today in the same way as 50 years ago, indeed to an even greater extent, as increased stress has increased the desire for laughter.

"Laughter makes good blood" has always been said ... but today science has substantiated its truthfulness.

5) Come on, let's manage to set up a nice party!

The burst of laughter is a real jolt, a very powerful one mental sneezing which can set in motion the mysterious channels of self-healing: complex mechanisms of direct communication between the immune system and the nervous system, which by strengthening our natural defenses, are able to make us feel good. In this sense then .... Laughing is a very serious thing!

When a person laughs, he activates a complex mechanism that involves and connects the biological, emotional and bodily spheres with the intellectual, spiritual and energetic ones. It is difficult to trace other equally complete and complex actions: it is an indispensable human attitude.

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