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Fear one day knocked on the door. Courage and Trust went to open but there was no one!

Our current world is dominated by fear. What are the consequences? How does our body react? How to overcome fear? Long-standing fears, sometimes dating back to childhood, can lead to poor breathing habits. Many are actually afraid of breathing properly and this means that the lungs cannot do their job well ...
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Our current world is dominated by fear.

What are the consequences?

How reacts our body?

How win there fear?

Long-standing fears, sometimes dating back to childhood, can lead to bad breathing habits.
Many are actually afraid of breathing properly, which means that i lungs cannot do their job well. The diaphragm is basically blocked.
But years and years of bad breathing can lead to imbalances in the chemical composition of the blood and this is a striking example of how the fear comes to to influence even the functioning of the whole body when the breathing becomes chronically superficial.

The deep breath instead, associated with relaxation and calm, it is one of the side effects positive of rice, Why you can't laugh and breathe shallowly at the same time.
When the fear reaches its maximum level, the heart he reacts “going high”And accelerating the beats for facilitate escape, in case there is a chance of escape.
But when such possibility does not exist Why fear is inherent in the mind, the heart remains constantly "high", ready to face an attack that will never happen.

Who is it constantly in the throes of anguish and anxiety, even when there is nothing to fear, it tends to have a excess adrenaline In circulation; in these cases the body often ends up declaring a state of emergency and forces one to rest by succumbing to one disease. More it stress it is serious and long-standing, the more serious the disease, if any.
Our body indeed reacts to emotional stress as to a physical threat, Why the autonomic nervous system, which controls the release of adrenaline, makes no distinction between the two.

Infected with the mood

The body responds to positive emotions and especially to happiness.

Scientific research recent show that the refrain of an old woman music-hall song "Put all your problems in a sack and smile, laugh and smile" it basically is valid.

There happiness it is simply not one mood, but it is also embodied in muscles and hormones, and for this reason, pose the muscles of the face to an expression of joy He can have profound effects on the nervous system.

Paul Ekman, the principal researcher in the field, believes that the mechanics of the muscle movements of the face is closely linked to autonomic nervous system that check it out:

  • the heartbeat
  • the breath
  • other functions not controlled by consciousness.

Do you want to change the mood in a few moments from negative to positive? Put a pencil between your teeth!

It has been proven that the mere fact of put a pencil in your mouth between your teeth, this, forcing the facial muscles to an attitude that is close to that of a smile (a forced smile, mechanically induced by the pencil object between the teeth), causes a hormonal stimulus to be produced that changes our inner attitude from sulking to benevolent. Seeing is believing !!!

If we simply learned to laugh more, our fears would gradually begin to diminish and the door would also open to inner calm and serenity.

The rice it's a'powerful weapon against the fear and it is preparatory to meditation as it is itself, in a certain sense, a form of meditation.
Indeed, rice opens us to our true selves and to the world, Besides momentarily block the constant chatter of our thoughts and distractions. So much so that after one heartfelt laughter we feel good, satisfied, freed, with a less dramatic vision of obstacles… the end nothing happens!… ..the world does not fall!…. maybe they were more ghosts than anything else….

Fear one day knocked on the door. Courage went to open…. but there was none (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

Its weight is enough for every day…. But we persist in carrying the weight of the past and future days as well. But in doing so we drag ourselves painfully along a painful path.

This of the existential heaviness it is a theme that is very close to my heart personally, so much so that I put on a performance by title "Lightness", which I have the public perform in mine interactive shows, that helps to get rid of unnecessary burdens through a very colorful and fun game to the rhythm of fast-paced music, in which our inner child comes out; … .This is an example of a day view.

You can find more information on these topics on my website and gain direct experience through my Courses and Events

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