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Our true origin? They told us wrong. The traces of humor and comedy remain in depth. And this has now been demonstrated by many studies and researches, precisely because laughter is an essential and primary need, since the human being has an innate inclination.
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1) They told us wrong

Often humor and comedy they have poor content. The divertissement, the joke, the game can be born and die in a short space of time, without apparently leaving a trace: perhaps also for this reason, in history between artistic genres, it he is relegated to the lower ones, associated as it is with physicality and consequently to the "low" body (in this regard the studies on medieval popular comedy by the great Francois Rabelais, father of grotesque and hyperbolic figures such as Gargantua and Pantagruel are famous), far from the sublime peaks of the spirit; even if… coincidentally…. if one knows how to make people laugh, they say it is humorous …. ; same root as the word spiritual.

2) Here's what the real story is

 The traces of humor and comedy, on the other hand, remain in depth. And this has now been demonstrated by many studies and researches, precisely why rice is an essential and primary need, having the human being an innate inclination.

This is all the more true if humor and comedy know how to convey profound messages. We think aboutJewish humor or certain wisdom stories of various traditions.

3) My point of view

From my point of view, I have been carrying out for almost twenty years my personal repertoire made of "Giullarate" in grammelot, a mixture of dialects and invented words, monologues and funny songs, outbursts of contagious group laughter (one laughter yoga appropriately spectacularized), a kind of approach that has this type of cut: "Desecrate" to "sacralize"; "Displace" and "surprise"  to open new communication channels acting as "Facilitators" from the personal and spiritual growth of the individual, consequently for the benefit of the community…. which is perhaps the real purpose of these few years that we find ourselves spending as guests on this splendid but also battered planet.

4) Homo ridens is our true ancestor

L'homo redens it is therefore a prerequisite ofhomo sapiens because in the fact itself of the laugh it contains a high degree of consciousness of the Self, a form holistic (part of a united whole) and all-encompassing perception of reality.

Unfortunately this homo ridens, enclosed in our chromosomes, risks a slow extinction. If we consider laughing from a historical point of view, we discover how over the centuries the "original rice ", the bursting, enthralling, a little crazy, surreal, subversive one that dates back to the mists of time, the one that accompanied the creation of the universe, which is mentioned in the book of Proverbs, in the song of wisdom, where she herself says she was side by side with God during creation: “And I was the joys day by day, laughing in front of him at every point. Laughing in the world on earth. " (Prv. 8, 30-31).

"As soon as God smiled, seven gods were born who ruled the world: as soon as he burst out laughing, the light was born ... He burst out laughing a second time and water appeared ... On the seventh day he laughed the soul appeared ..." (From a ancient alchemical papyrus in the Christian context of the 2nd century AD)

“The fundamental factory of creation was accompanied by a smiling wisdom. The sad, the scientist who cannot laugh, cannot discover or imagine the world ”. (Erri De Luca, Olive stone).

5) The three Chinese monks laughing out loud

Here she is history from three monks-jesters-zen of ancient China. Their names are not remembered, because they never revealed them to anyone. So in China they are known simply as the Three Laughing Monks.
They did nothing but laugh: they entered a village, stood in the middle of the square, and began to laugh. Gradually other people were involved in that laugh, until a small crowd was formed, and just looking at those people made everyone present burst out laughing. Eventually all the inhabitants were involved.
At that point the three monks moved to another village.
Laughter was their only sermon, the only message. They didn't teach anything, they just created that situation.
They were loved and respected throughout China: no one had ever given such sermons before. They communicated that life should be just and uniquely laughter. And they weren't laughing at anything in particular. They just laughed, as if they had discovered the cosmic joke.
Those monks spread endless joy all over China, without using a single word. Over time they grew old. And in a village one of them died.

Before he died he told his friends: “I have laughed so much in my life that no impurities have ever accumulated near me. I have not collected dust: laughter is always young and fresh. So, don't wash me and don't change my clothes ”.

Out of respect, they did not change his suit. And when the body was placed on the pyre, they suddenly realized that he had hidden fireworks in his clothes! Pum, pum, pam! The whole village laughed, and those two monks said, “Rogue! You had the last laugh! "

6) Here is the most precious art to cultivate

Laughter, humor, self-irony, the ability to grasp the comic side of things: here is the most precious art to cultivate. Not to escape problems, not to hide dirt under the carpet, but rather to get it out.


  • recharge the batteries
  • do not identify with the difficulties of life and be overwhelmed by them
  • don't take yourself too seriously
  • rotate our point of view to other positions
  • free oneself from an asphyxiated vision of reality
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Gianni Ferrario
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I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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