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The secrets of a successful SHOW in corporate events

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There are many ways to liven up a convention and create a good corporate climate. These are the secrets that make a Show an ever-present tool of success:

1) Create the tuning fork effect

This art is based on the concept of resonance. The tuning fork emits a vibrational wave and the musical instrument tunes thanks to the resonance that that wave frequency has.
Thus the Trainer's work, especially in the initial moments of the performance which is the magical moment in which you risk everything (icebreaker), does nothing but bring down the barriers that all of us, more or less unconsciously, have. Thanks to a very positive energy emission, the cells of our body can resonate with each other, creating a climate of greater unity.

2) Create amazement

There is nothing better than a large audience for this "magic" to happen, because even if one person in the audience was not resonating in the same vibration, but everyone around him entered the wavelength of the group, this too In the end he manages to do it with surprise and a bit of amazement. By destabilizing and displacing, and it only takes a few minutes (this is the art of the trainer), a crack is created in the wall so that the information can enter and the cells can respond.

3) Create a current of contagious joy

This creates this contagious and vitalizing energy that brings joy and becomes exponential in a few minutes. It's reaching critical mass. We have built our patterns so much that we can hardly bring out joy; because it's not enough to talk about it. We need to let it enter within us! Cells by their nature are programmed to vibrate “in joy mode”. And the immune system thanks you.

4) Breaking down barriers with an ancestral mechanism: laughter from the heart

The didactic mechanism is one that aims to deconstruct and play down, to then arrive at the restructuring of values in regenerative ways. A set of colorful exercises that, through the pleasure of laughing together, release dormant energies that help to overcome closed-off attitudes, to reach a state of psychophysical and spiritual well-being. Laughter is a mental sneeze capable of freeing the mind and creating unity between mind and body, which is the key to our health.

Tiziano Terzani docet (watch the video):

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Gianni Ferrario
Gianni Ferrario

I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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