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Is the event that happens to us more important or how we evaluate it? The importance of humor.

The conditioning that we carry with us from childhood. We learn events to evaluate them as children, when our rationality is equal to zero and when our emotional life is maximum. Even when we grow up in the face of an event, we remain a conditioned reflection indelibly learned at an early age. This is why an exam or a job interview causes us an instinctive and visceral fear that is difficult to control rationally.
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Let's ask ourselves a little: is the event that happens to us more important or how we evaluate the event?….

Discover these interesting points with me; they will help you live better.

1) The conditioning that we carry with us from childhood

We learn events to evaluate them as children, when our rationality is equal to zero and when our emotional life is maximum. Even when we grow up in the face of an event, we remain a conditioned reflex learned indelibly at an early age. This is why an exam or a job interview causes us an instinctive and visceral fear that is difficult to control rationally.:

2) What if the filter that makes us evaluate events makes us suffer? What to do?

But if our point of view, our assessment of events, as it has formed over time, makes us live unhappy, we should make every effort to  try to change it.

But changing is very difficult….

It is not only a psychic question, but also a physical one, why our neurons are habitual . Faced with a certain event I have learned to react in a certain way; so I use a certain way, I use a mental scheme that I have built up over time. The more I use this route, the more I will continue to use it because the synapsic junction becomes larger, it becomes a 5-lane highway and the exchange of neurotransmitters becomes faster; try to quit smoking….

Now if I can't break this way, I can create alternative ways, other circuits which are present in the brain but are silent.:

3) As pioneers we open new paths that will gradually become new highways

So let's break the mold!

  • Any problem, I can see each event in many different ways, with many different facets ...
    For instance, a negative episode in my life I can in a way play down I distance myself from it a bit and see it as an old comic film, like an accelerated sequence of a film by Ridolini.
  • Another thing that makes us suffer a lot is the power others have over us, while we like very much what we exercise on others ... but unfortunately there is always someone who exercises it on us ... and this bothers us tremendously and irritates us very much. But in front of a person who dominates us, normally we have to suffer.
    Now this reaction of frustration we carry it from childhood when with our parents we could not react because otherwise ... so we had to be quiet and good ...
    This thing is then repeated with the professors, with the heads of offices, etc. Now humor is a great way to change this view ...:

If in front of a person who exercises his power I have a nice and not offensive joke ready that manages to make you smile about a certain thing ... change the atmosphere!


I bond with that situation a slightly different vision, a new point of view, I bond a slightly more positive feeling ... so that event there will weigh me a little less.:

4) Read this survey. It's truly enlightening

How much time did you spend on HUMOR? To practice and train it? Did they teach you this at school?
We live a little in an upside-down world, where the fundamental energies of the human being have been inverted.
Joseph Campbell, a scholar of man, myths and religions, says that they exist in human beings all over the planet 3 fundamental archetypal energies (




The balanced triangulation of these three energies generates an I that works well as the center and government of the person.
In our life we tend to put STRENGTH first. Try talking to someone who has a STRONG conviction, a STRONG belief ... don't let go of it even if you die!
The belief instead of being SOFTENED by KINDNESS and LIGHTENED by HUMOR has become hard as stone.
HUMOR is important in order not to IDENTIFY YOURSELF too much in things, to lighten our positions. The ideas and beliefs of others must be received with KINDNESS and lightened with HUMOR! Without humor and play we identify with our mental processes and then we come to believe that we are that stuff ... but we are something greater than our content.
The HUMOR it allows us to rediscover our free child, that child still uncontaminated !! There is the enthusiasm and the creative energy, the good strength. If you are not like children you will not enter the kingdom.
One of the purest ways to be spiritual is to laugh like a child. That pure, innocent and aimless laugh but full of curiosity, wonder, enchantment, of those who see the world for the first time. Let's talk about pure joy.
Humor makes us jump from mind to soul.

5) Here is the secret to change the evaluation of events and go from unhappiness to happiness

The humor is a great way to:

  • Create different points of view
  • Change our assessment of things
  • Finding new solutions to old problems, other ways out
  • Reverse the forces in the field to bring to light this vitality, this enthusiasm, this fresh way of seeing life
  • Get curious about things ... with the addition of current experience:

6) The key to our health

L'humor and laughter they do very well both al body than to the mind.

It is in theunit from mind and body that we find the key to our health.

Until fifty years ago the mind was one thing, the body was another. It used to be said, “Whether I'm sad or happy, what does my body have to do with getting sick !? "; but it is not so.

We are an inseparable unit.

In recent years, science has approached the phenomenon of laughter trying to discover its mechanisms, its benefits; but it is not just a recent phenomenon: Freud was a great student of this phenomenon.

It is scientifically proven that our thoughts become hormones and hormones determine the activation or deactivation of the immune system.

The laugh in particular it has very specific influences on our organism: triggers the production of endorphins, the so-called "feel-good hormones", which change the chemistry of the blood thereby strengthening our immune defenses.

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