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How to defend ourselves from Permanent Stress by restoring polish and shine to our actions

The chaos produced by a state of non-coherence and brain-heart misalignment produces a condition of permanent stress and tension, usually unconscious. In this condition our relationships are strained, we are often tired, our health is not good and our morale goes up and down like on the roller coaster of the amusement park.
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The chaos produced by a state of inconsistency e brain-heart misalignment produces a condition of stress and of permanent voltage, usually unconscious. In this condition our relationships are strained, we are often tired, our health is not good and our morale goes up and down like on the roller coaster of the amusement park.

We can get used to this too, saying: “this is life”. Even though we seem, to ourselves and others, “successful” people, in fact we make our system work at the least worst possible way, usually forcing it chemically with stimulants and sedatives. If we do not take measures, sooner or later our physical body will remind us that we live in constant tension, in an energetic chaos that will make us sick and age badly.… But this is above all the consequence of the fact that theOur machine loses blows and has a reduced performance compared to its possibilities. The current planetary chaos is but the expression of the inner chaos experienced individually by people and by those in charge of governing.

How to get out? Science with its recent discoveries helps us to understand.

At a scientific level, experiments have been made that have compared the tracing of the VFC (Heart Rate Variability) and the tracing of the Brain Waves and some very interesting things have been discovered:

  • when a person experiences emotions e SEPARATIVE thoughts (fear, anger, distrust, envy, etc.), the heart rate and brain wave traces are disharmonic, inconsistent, one goes one way and the other goes the other. It is chaos, the door that opens to malaise, the typical "living sickness", with all the negative consequences on soma and psyche that can be imagined.
  • when the person has emotions e UNITIVE thoughts and elevated (compassion, kindness, cooperation, respect, etc.), not only are the heart rate and brain wave tracing harmonious, but it has been found that it is the heart that drives the dance, brain waves naturally synchronize on the changes in heart rhythm, entering a state of coherence and well-being; the two are aligned.


If we focus our attention on the heart and activate united emotions and thoughts starting from the heart center, we increase the synchronization between the heart and the brain, which in turn calms our nervous system And deactivates the stress response. The heart and the powerhouse of the mind, which amplifies and transmits our emotional information into the Universe.

The heart spreads our emotions in the world around us and, in the same way, is influenced by the emotions of others. When one person connects to another through physical contact or an attitude dictated by the force of love, the electrical activity of the two communicating hearts and brains intertwine, and they begin to drag each other along. By extending the phenomenon in breadth and depth, a healing field where the healing coherence of love is contagious and can rapidly spread.

Find out more about the heart! It is a cultural revolution.

There is another important aspect to note: the heart it's a powerful biological oscillator. To better understand what it is it is necessary to start from the phenomenon of pendulums balance wheel of old clocks, which, if we place many of different sizes in the same room, start to oscillate together and in the same way, even if one intervenes to modify the movement to make it different from each other. This, briefly described, is the "Principle of synchronicity by resonance" of oscillatory systems, a well-known phenomenon even in the case in which several are put into action tuning fork.

In any oscillatory system (mechanical or living) the synchronous drag phenomenon causes the element that oscillates more to drag the other less powerful oscillators.

Our body is a large biological oscillator and the heart, not the brain, is the most powerful of all organs. When the heart is able to impose its rhythm, all the other oscillatory systems of the body, at all levels (physical, emotional and mental), are automatically harmonized with each other by the main rhythm. Here we get the optimization of all the functions of the body.

Such optimal functioning would lead to this result:

  • a body in excellent health
  • stable and positive emotions
  • open and creative mind
  • healthier, happier and longer life

To go from a state of chaos to a state of coherence, therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the heart can be enabled to give rhythm to the whole body through its tam-tam of continuous information to all cells, with all the ensuing benefits. It is necessary put the conductor back on the "podium" so that all parts can play harmoniously.

The real joy

The sense of joy that we feel intimately when we feel that there is a direction that leads our body and our life it is so big and deep that no external circumstance can steal it from us. A sense of peaceful well-being that it no longer depends on the outside, but it comes directly from within, from the natural state of coherence aroused by the opening of the heart.

As stated in John 16:22: "And the joy you will have, no one will be able to take it away from you".

When we cultivate the qualities of the heart, that is, the emotions of the "superior" type, goodness, generosity, compassion, serenity, inner peace, openness to life and to others, contentment, etc. , this positivity and harmony can spread around us in a “contagious” way through the magnetic field of the heart, which is much more powerful than that of all other organs, extending up to several meters away, which means that we are all immersed in the magnetic fields of the heart of those around us.

If we open our hearts by nurturing positive emotions, we can activate the same kind of emotions in others for the resonance phenomenon. We are all oscillators. If we want to have quality relationships, it is up to us to swing intensely in the wisdom and strength of the higher emotions typical of an open heart.

It is not necessary to make big speeches; often silence is even preferable: it is enough to radiate the vibration that starts from the heart center.

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