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Counteracting stress and depression.

As for our social life, we can do a lot to improve the environment in which we live by reminding us to smile and laugh more often ...
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As for our social life, we can do a lot for improve the environment we live in, reminding us to smile and laugh more often, helping to remove the risk of being trapped in the vicious circle of depression and despair.

It is thought to be difficult, but in fact it is not.

It is just a matter of doing some practical experiments, starting with small everyday things and seeing the effect it has….
Then we begin to enjoy it, noting that this virtuous circle works and begins to take flight.
Once understood and established that

facial expressions influence emotions

we will begin to practice smile and laughter therapy.

This also helps to combat theexcess stress, typical of today, with the resulting disorders.

The medical profession, in particular, could take advantage of this by making hospitals, clinics and health centers be places whereempathy may play a greater role. Doctors and nurses could benefit from laughter and smile lessons, where it is emphasized the importance of happiness.

Unfortunately, it is customary to associate the severity of a doctor's facial expression with gifts of intelligence and authority, believing that a doctor with a serious face knows his profession better. In reality this is not the case; a serious, austere or detached expression only increases the patient's fears and sense of estrangement, and fear certainly does not facilitate the healing process..

Many things can cause stress:

  • physical pain
  • psychic suffering or distress
  • boredom
  • the lack of purpose
  • loneliness
  • a great pain
  • the fear of personal failure.

Stress, however, derives for the most part from fears and conflicts, which soon manifest themselves as real physical ailments.

Even mild stress can cause:

  • voltage
  • fatigue
  • agitation
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • backache
  • gastric ulcers
  • heart palpitations


If the condition of stress persists, there are many chance to get to one disease real.
To deal with the problem you can take them anxiolytics for "Put a mute" to your own anxiety;


you can try to become aware of the problem and face it.

Was it easy! You will tell me…. And instead by becoming more and more aware of how our body (soma-psyche-spirit) works, we are more able to implement mechanisms and tricks that are also fun!

Certainly the spirit of cheerfulness engendered by smiles and laughter helps this process.
Seeing is believing..

I've been practicing and teaching these things for years and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Attention! One does not necessarily have to laugh at the problem underlying one's anguish; hilarity in general, regardless of the cause, can have beneficial effects, easing the tension.
On the other hand the rice as the cry, from the physiological point of view, they are gods Respiratory "exercises", consisting of a series of rapid, deep breaths emitted spasmodically through the semi-closed vocal cords..

Laughing involves the muscles:

  • of the face,
  • shoulders
  • of the trunk
  • chest
  • in addition to the diaphragm.

Laughing (and crying):

  • let out the tears
  • we relax the superficial blood vessels
  • we reduce the pressure
  • it is therefore a muscle relaxant:

Those who are afraid cannot laugh, but once they have learned to do so, they triumph over themselves and their illness.

If you are forced to stay in the hospital, one can do everything to be happy and to reassure one's companions in misfortune; sadness in fact does not shorten the hospital stay, and indeed, it could lengthen it. You can always find the good side of life and it gets easier when you understand the importance of laughter.
Those unable to laugh are unable to relax, and relaxation can turn negative emotions into positive emotions.
In recent years, having been recognized it stress such as leading cause of death in the West, several have been recommended relaxation methods, such as certain forms of meditation, yoga or other gentle disciplines. However, these practices are not always within the reach of most and even more mass practices such as gymnastics, jogging or aerobics can have the opposite effect.

Laughing and smiling, on the other hand, are good for everyone and it is impossible not to enjoy and benefit from them.

The only downside is that you can "die laughing" 😀

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