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How to overcome fears and live life in health and fullness!

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There Fear is an ugly "beast" that is rampant in our era of uncertainty and precariousness..

Why don't we laugh and smile no more?

Basically because we are afraid.
We are afraid of life, of neighbor, of disease.
We often feel scared even for no reason.
It is a form of latent existential restlessness that becomes constant norm and creates the basis of a normal moodiness that one carries on even for a whole life without a precise reason.

What we call disease it is actually one state of physical and mental disharmony..

When we are unhappy we are not in our natural element.

The vast majority of illnesses can be traced to erroneous thought patterns that have become habitual.
A negative way of thinking has the effect of weaken the immune system and to make the vulnerable body to internal and external attacks.

One of the most great enemies of health and the permanent sense of dissatisfaction.

Certain people they are not never happy and they have the insatiable desire for one bigger house, a nicer car or more money; In short they want more and more from life, but they hardly ever see the need to give as much as they have received.
Who laughs and smiles often instead it continually gives something of itself.

There disease does not jump out of nowhere, but it is the result of unhappiness, tensions and conflicts that have now become chronicconflicts that often seem impossible to resolve. The mind plays a much more important role in the emergence of disease than many can imagine..

The mind can make heaven a hell and hell a heaven


  • love opens
  • fear closes
  • love unites (the word symbol comes from the Greek sun-dance = "What unites")
  • fear divides (in Greek dia-dance it is "that which divides" hence the word Devil)
  • love heals
  • fear makes you sick

Fear is the opposite of love! There fear nowadays it is a feeling much more widespread than hatred, especially in the rich and affluent world and is the cause of countless troubles.

When you do sick:

  • the future appears uncertain
  • there are fears of medical treatment
  • for any operations
  • for financial problems and for the family

fears that tend to aggravate the patient's symptoms and hinder the healing process.

They fear the illnesses largely because little is known about it, but when you understand exactly what it is and what the causes are, the fear fades slowly.

When the fear disappears completely, you can successfully fight the disease. Once you are managed to laugh at their ailments and the conditions under which we came to find, it will be possible to break the vicious circle of fear And set the healing process in motion.

Many doctors today believe that self the patient is confident and relaxed, any medical or surgical care gets better results; there are fewer chances of complications and the period of convalescence is shortened, while anxiety in itself subjects the body to overwork.

Even one positive mood notoriously enhances the effectiveness of any medicine or surgery.
Anyone who has confidence in their doctor in general or in a particular treatment will certainly benefit. This effect is well known under the name of placebo effect, but until recently he had no consideration.

In reality, the body often does what the mind tells it to do; one could compare the body to ancar and the mind todriver guiding him in one direction or another or forcing him to stop. In theory, all diseases start from the mind, but also healing..

Since any type of anxiety is conducive to disease, it is essential to get rid of fear

.This happens because fear literally "freezes" some parts of the body, preventing the flow of blood, hormones and nutrients; laughter and good humor, on the other hand, favor the “thaw” and the resumption of functioning.

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