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How to generate Positive Energy to create a good climate in organizations

A good Trainer must be able to catalyze, to excite, to make the cells of the body give a standing ovation! Live as in a daydream the emotion of a journey that projects us towards a great goal; celebrate together the joy of victory for its achievement.
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A good Trainer it must be able to catalyze, to excite, to make the cells of the body do one standing ovation! Live as in a daydream the emotion of a journey that projects us towards a great goal; celebrate together the joy of victory for its achievement; here is a precious experience that remains etched in the culture of people and companies and that brings about attitudes that anticipate and prepare for future successes.

These are the secrets for an event to be a great success:

1) Create the tuning fork effect

This art is based on the concept of resonance. The tuning fork emits a vibratory wave and the musical instrument tunes thanks to the resonance that that wave frequency has.
Thus the work of the Trainer, especially in the initial moments of the performance which is the magical moment in which you play everything (icebreacker), does nothing but make the barriers fall. In fact we don't even know why, but we walk around with all our barriers.  The good trainer who uses the art of the Energy of Smiles, lets the audience out of their stakes, breaking down the barriers.

In this way the cells, which by their nature would vibrate in a vibration of joy, because we are programmed to rejoice, when the trainer makes them feel this emotion concretely, thanks to an emission of very positive energy, the cells, to which I had previously done drop their stakes, they can resonate with this energy.

2) Create amazement

There is nothing better than a large audience for this "magic" to happen, because even if a person in the audience is not resonating in the same vibration, but everyone around him has entered the wavelength of the group, too. in the end they manage to do it with surprise and a little astonishment.

3) Create a current of contagious joy

In this way this contagious and vitalizing energy is created which becomes exponential in a few moments. It is the achievement of critical mass. When so many vibrate on the same wavelength I too find myself vibrating I don't even know why. Mass is very important.
We have built up our schemes and our barriers so much that we can hardly bring out the joy; because it is not enough to simply ask it, it is not enough to talk about it. By destabilizing and unsettling, and it only takes a few moments, I create a crack in the wall for my information to enter and the cells to respond.

4) Breaking down barriers with an ancestral mechanism: laughter from the heart

The didactic mechanism is the one that aims to deconstruct and play down, to then arrive at the restructuring of values in a regenerative way.

Laughter Therapy, for example, is based on a discipline called Laughter Yoga, which uses infectious group laughter techniques, without the need to act on jokes, gags or jokes. A set of colorful exercises that through the pleasure of laughing together release dormant energies that help to overcome the closed attitudes, to arrive at a state of psychophysical well-being. Laughter, as S. Freud said, is a mental sneeze capable of freeing the mind and creating unity between mind and body, which is the key to our health.

5) Fill up on vitamins

Laughter therapy could be compared to a dose of concentrate

C vitamin

C. how: C.reactivity;  improve  C.self-knowledge aimed at professional growth; C.communication;  C.ollaboration e file; C.obstruction of team spirit with a hint of C.homicity, spirit of humor and self-irony, as additional tools for managing C.change C.continuous.

And of

Vitamin E

AND how: ANDenthusiasm; ANDenergy; ANDsprssivity; ANDmotion; ANDmpathy; ANDstro; ANDc beauty

"Because there is no theory of laughter that is not a complete philosophy and so there is no complete philosophy that is not a theory of laughter: all truth is false unless accompanied by laughter." (F. Nietzsche)

Here are the benefits that everyone recognizes - Seeing is believing!!!

1) Immediate and lasting benefits on people and on the work team

The type of playful-experiential approach develops in the participant some modalities not usual in the world of work, that they open other sensory channels, other points of view, as well as an energetic recovery lived in a group that stimulates and opens up to a better knowledge of the group itself, of their reactions and, not ultimately, of themselves, with positive repercussions also in personal and professional growth, in a pleasant working environment He is able to " laugh at each other even a little “Avoiding taking yourself too seriously. This approach it takes away so many tensions deleterious things that certainly do not open up to communication, but rather tend to close in defense.   

This is the pedagogical strength of simple gestures that we can experience in conscious joy rather than in the automatism of routine: the choice is up to us!
In fact, science has shown that smiles and laughter, combined with certain experiences, illuminate certain areas of the brain, acting on deep areas of the unconscious, thus facilitating alternative paths of the mind and heart and accelerating the processes of innovation and change. .

2) Exceptional effects on the company    

In this way theagency who decided to have this kind of done deep & light experience it is associated with situations and attitudes that evoke positivity, energy, play, trust, humor and open-mindedness, a new way of dealing with the workplace and life in general starting with the little things of everyday life.

This triggers a sort of "catchphrase-mantra" which acts as ANCHOR and will give a stamp of sympathy that will characterize the event. Not only this effect will persist then in time, re-emerging from time to time, associated as it is with our actions in everyday life and with a pleasant experience, also and above all in the workplace.

An effective and fun training (played on the thread of a healthy self-irony) that helps us to understand the importance, in the various occasions of daily life, to walk the circuit of the heart, that of positive and harmonic thoughts and emotions, which determine a qualitative leap in terms of energy.

By gladly remembering the event, one tends to Also better "fix" the contents that this event has proposed, having lived them in key more intuitive-experiential that simply rational.

3) And how do the participants react?

Immediate sympathy since the beginning of performance, to gradually develop during the Workshop in real enthusiasm. This feeling of change of atmosphere, Of qualitative leap in company climate and team spirit, is often commented a posteriori by managers who notice this healthy improvement both during the activities in the following days and in the subsequent period. The collective perception is that this intervention contributes to providing the "charge" that was felt the need.

After the staging, usually follows a de-briefing with the participants on the general sensations experienced, with comments on the use of comic-playful tools.

In this phase it is possible to notice an absolute agreement in believing that the play mode "yields" a lot in terms of positive change, helping to correcting non-profitable attitudes and closures to the working climate in relationships between colleagues and with external interlocutors. Such  approach is judged with a strong emotional charge and therefore memorable.

On my site you can widely read the many enthusiastic testimonies expressed by important companies and institutions or even by individuals who have already had this type of unforgettable experience:

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Gianni Ferrario
Gianni Ferrario

I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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