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Some funny jesters from Gianni Ferrario's repertoire.

The hunger of Zanni (jested by Dario Fo played by Gianni Ferrario)
Boniface VIII (jest of Dario Fo played by Gianni Ferrario)
The Reconstruction (juggled by Gianni Ferrario)
The miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus (jested by Dario Fo interpreted by Gianni Ferrario)
Abu Kasem's slippers (jested by Gianni Ferrario)

These funny monologues, also called "giullarate", are recited in grammelot, a form of theater invented by the ancient jesters and organized in an onomatopoeic key, that is, being able to convey concepts through sounds that are not established, conventional words.
These comedians use a mixture of dialects and invented words that make the acting immediate and very colorful, in which very accentuated gestures and mimicry also predominate.
All these components give rise to a very expressive, hyperbolic, hilarious, visceral, “direct” type of theater that is therefore understandable almost everywhere and to all audiences. A way of acting in which the language used almost loses its literal meaning, to become sound, vibration, musicality that communicates emotions and suggestions. This makes these theatrical "curtains" real communication lessons, of which the ancient jesters were masters, using all the communication channels at the same time (visual, auditory, kinesthetic to let the emotion pass).

These tales are bearers of fundamental values and qualities for the growth of people and they represent: flexibility, attention to signals, listening, unity, trust, empathy, mediation skills, ethical behavior.
The instrument of the comic theater, with its abrupt changes of points of view and its flashes, adds to the metaphor a stamp of magic and fun that helps to tackle topics that are complex in themselves. It is in fact a reality that has always been known and now also scientifically demonstrated that the ability to learn increases if accompanied by the playful and emotional component.

The metaphorical reading key and the charm of the epic-funny story, together with appropriate moments of de-briefing and discussion, ensure that the instrument of the theatrical metaphor can be used with profit in the context of management training masters, experiential workshops or as a playful-formative moment on the occasion of conventions and symposia.
These values are thus impressed in a profound and memorable way.
The didactic mechanism is that which aims to deconstruct and play down, to then arrive at the restructuring of "values" in a regenerative way.

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