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Universal languages

With "Universal languages"I try to send positive energy and constructive messages through metaphor, music, lived experiences, intuitions capable of resonating like a beneficial wave within everyone, going beyond appearances. It is an expression of my mission which always seeks what unites and brings joy to hearts.

The good wolf and the bad wolf

One day a boy went to the village elder and asked him: "What are good and evil?". The old man replied: "Inside each of us there are two wolves, one good and one bad." The boy then asked: "And...

Life as a lover

“L'Amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle” could be the sublime poetic translation of the “Cosmic Dance” of ancient spiritual traditions; if we open our eyes with the amazement of a child we see her in these days in the return…

Strength Kindness Humor

There are three basic archetypal energies: STRENGTH, KINDNESS and HUMOR. The balanced triangulation of these three energies generates an IO that works well as the center and government of the person. The human being tends to put the Force to…

Find a balance

There is good anxiety and bad anxiety. Simplifying: – good anxiety is the one dictated by the desire to put one's talents to good use for full personal fulfilment; we are in the sphere of being; Bad anxiety arises from a sense of lack of…

Positive Revolution

A few years ago I contributed to the birth of the Positive Revolution Magazine, of which I am a member of the Editorial Board, which many of you know as loyal readers. The latest issue (January 2023) hosts a very interesting article by Guido Stratta, Director…

Where do we come from?

I recently went to hear a very interesting conference entitled "Towards the boundaries of space and time" held by Professor Marco Bersanelli, professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Milan. I was shocked to learn that…

The Party Dress - Listen to the Podcast too

There is a lot of "seriousness" in the world, in our homes, hospitals, religious places, workplaces. Newspapers, television programs, the internet continually bombard us with negative news and opinions that make us increasingly insecure and make us feel ...

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