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Universal languages

With "Universal languages"I try to send positive energy and constructive messages through metaphor, music, lived experiences, intuitions capable of resonating like a beneficial wave within everyone, going beyond appearances. It is an expression of my mission which always seeks what unites and brings joy to hearts.

Does it come from the Ego or from the Soul?

Our intelligence, although it has developed over a millenary evolution, still remains today, for a large part of humanity, at the service of the primitive mechanisms of the 3 P's: Fear Pleasure Power In general, human beings consider others and others. 'environment only ...

A ray of sunshine in the darkest hour

Dear friends, as you know my "mission" over the years has been to bring a smile where there is suffering and to cope with anxiety and stress. On February 16, a few days before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, it aired ...

Gianni Ferrario Rita Ciceri Beautiful That Way

Beautiful That Way

Dear friends, "Beautiful that way" is the title of the song composed by Nicola Piovani which was the soundtrack to the film "Life is beautiful" by Roberto Benigni. I just learned it and recorded it with "homemade" means…. but I dedicate it to you with ...

The ballast that prevents us from flying

Dear friends, after a long period in which I was forced, like so many of us, to work remotely, I finally had the opportunity to exercise my recreational and educational activity in the presence and it was a great satisfaction! In fact, I recently ...

The precious pearl

In all these years I have tried to spread JOY around me through a series of performances that involve the participants in an active, fun and regenerating way. I could symbolically summarize everything with the mantra "I receive energy" (in inspiration) ...

What it takes: happiness

Jovanotti composes a song called L'ALLEGRIA. He made it to measure for his friend Gianni Morandi, who, after burns and fear, sings it to tell the beauty of simply being happy. "HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE" he says. A…


Roberto Mancini believed in it from day one. As soon as he got the job of the national team he said it: “We can win at the European Championship”. He won! It was helpful in helping to give birth to a common idea, the idea of a team made up of individuals who became a solidarity group. A…

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