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Universal languages

With "Universal languages"I try to send positive energy and constructive messages through metaphor, music, lived experiences, intuitions capable of resonating like a beneficial wave within everyone, going beyond appearances. It is an expression of my mission which always seeks what unites and brings joy to hearts.

Where do we come from?

I recently went to hear a very interesting conference entitled "Towards the boundaries of space and time" held by Professor Marco Bersanelli, professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Milan. I was shocked to learn that…

The Party Dress - Listen to the Podcast too

There is a lot of "seriousness" in the world, in our homes, hospitals, religious places, workplaces. Newspapers, television programs, the internet continually bombard us with negative news and opinions that make us increasingly insecure and make us feel ...

Strength and Balance

For Aristotle, Virtue is the faculty that facilitates the accomplishment of actions without excess and defect in order to obtain the right balance. It is exactly the opposite of the concept of "mediocrity" for which we are satisfied with something ...


Its weight is enough for every day…. But we persist in carrying the weight of the past and future days as well. In so doing we drag ourselves painfully along a painful path. That of existential heaviness is a theme that ...

Does it come from the Ego or from the Soul?

Our intelligence, although it has developed over a millenary evolution, still remains today, for a large part of humanity, at the service of the primitive mechanisms of the 3 P's: Fear Pleasure Power In general, human beings consider others and others. 'environment only ...

A ray of sunshine in the darkest hour

Dear friends, as you know my "mission" over the years has been to bring a smile where there is suffering and to cope with anxiety and stress. On February 16, a few days before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, it aired ...

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