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Universal languages

With "Universal languages"I try to send positive energy and constructive messages through metaphor, music, lived experiences, intuitions capable of resonating like a beneficial wave within everyone, going beyond appearances. It is an expression of my mission which always seeks what unites and brings joy to hearts.

The fire inside

I have met men and women with fire inside them and their lives, their testimony is not an oddity in the history of the world, it is instead a provocation, an invitation to let yourself be infected. The reason why humanity continues to…

Music for the soul in 432 Hz

A few days ago I had the opportunity to debut in Gubbio with Cuore che Ride Cuore che canta, a performance that combines smile therapy with the search for beauty through music and singing in 432 Hz. The songs…

Singing, "vibration" of emotions and joy

Singing is a language of energy, a "vibe" of emotion and joy. Speak to our main desires and feelings. It overcomes linguistic barriers and political borders, it is a powerful medium through which human beings can feel at…

The pearl of great value

The pearl of great value is deeply hidden. Like a pearl diver, O my soul, dive, dive deep, dive deeper, and seek! You may find nothing the first time. Like a pearl diver, O my soul , without getting tired, persist and…

Heart that laughs. Heart that sings

Dear friends, the new Heart that laughs Heart that sings project is taking off in its various forms. . With the Congolese Raymond Bahati and his Elikya intercultural choir: the two recent performances at the PIME Theater and…

CIVIL WEEK 2023 I take care

For the second consecutive year I have been in charge of bringing my contribution to the CIVIL WEEK which has the aim of helping to build the civic sense that can help us grow and progress as people and as a society. It is proposed…

The good wolf and the bad wolf

One day a boy went to the village elder and asked him: "What are good and evil?". The old man replied: "Inside each of us there are two wolves, one good and one bad." The boy then asked: "And...

Life as a lover

“L'Amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle” could be the sublime poetic translation of the “Cosmic Dance” of ancient spiritual traditions; if we open our eyes with the amazement of a child we see her in these days in the return…

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