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GOOD MORNING! When good morning really means good morning

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There are various ways of saying "Good morning": there is the one that is automatic by conditioned reflex, there is that of circumstance because it is normal to be nice people, there is the warmest one when we meet a person we like ... and then there is a nice round GOOD MORNING said with conviction….

You know the film Miracle in Milan ”? You may not have seen it but you remember the title because it became very famous. It is a surreal fairy tale written in 1943 by Cesare Zavattini from which Vittorio De Sica makes a film released in 1951.

Here is the story in brief: once upon a time there was a child born under a cabbage in the garden of an old lady who raised him as a child with affection, imagination and kindness of soul to whom he named Totò. Early orphaned, he enters the Martinitt, an ancient Milanese institution, and emerges as a young man going towards a reality unknown to him, a cold Milan between snow and fog, in which his smile full of trust receives coldness from unknown passers-by whom he sincerely wishes the Goodmorning.

The protagonist possesses imagination, strength, vitality, joie de vivre, an ethical sense of justice, an unconditional love for things and for people and an innate leadership capacity. He then ends up in a shanty town which, from being a good and generous leader, he transforms into a real community.

But soon the town of Totò became a land of conquest for a rich and skilled businessman who sent the army to clear the whole area. As in all fairy tales, however, the mother helps Totò from heaven by sending him a dove capable of fulfilling every wish. And when things get really bad and there seems to be no more space in the city for authentic KINDNESS and good feelings, the dove helps everyone to take flight from Piazza del Duomo riding brooms taken from the garbage collectors, a flight to a kingdom of hope.

In the final scene, a sentence appears on the screen that summarizes the message that this story wants to communicate: TOWARDS A KINGDOM WHERE GOOD MORNING MEANS TRULY GOOD MORNING

Listen to the soundtrack of the finale

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Gianni Ferrario
Gianni Ferrario

I am known as a Zen Jester, Happiness Actor, Good Mood Trainer, Positive Provoker, a performer whose role is to interactively energize and excite people. The purpose of my activities is to fill up with regenerating energy capable of opening the channels of communication and emotions, awakening our cells and training to spread good humor, joy, enthusiasm and kindness in abundance in personal and professional life. A memorable experience that creates team spirit, leaving its mark. For many years I have been practicing and teaching Deep Meditation, dedicating myself to disciplines that favor inner growth, harmony and creativity.

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